My name is James Bullis, I am the President and Founder of Ventin, a web solutions firm based in Jenks, OK. My story is the story of Ventin. No matter how many team members we add to our family this is the story that matters. Any time new people come on our team, they have to be as passionate and hard working as I am while living up to my story.

In 1999, I decided that I wanted to learn how to build websites. I taught myself how to code using a borrowed "HTML for Dummies" book, pen and paper. I didn't have access to a computer. When I did get access to a computer and typed in my code, I realized I had built my first website. It was at that moment that I knew that I wanted to do that for a living.




During this time, I decided to take classes online to continue my education in web development. They taught me why the industry crashed and what we had to do in order to prevent this from happening again. We had to focus on solid business principles and build things for the user's benefit.

I finally got a job in the industry and thought I would be building websites. Instead, I found myself learning everything there was to know about Internet Marketing. I spent a year learning about search engine optimization, content marketing, paid marketing and at that time, the infancy of social media marketing.

This was a pivotal training period because now I didn't just know how to build websites, but I learned how to build websites that were conducive to digital marketing.

After I earned my Associates Degree, I began to lead the development team. At the time, websites were taking a long time to get completed. I took my experience from the manufacturing industry and applied it to our projects. It didn't take long before we were turning websites in a matter of weeks.

Since that time I have built over 1,000 websites for companies all over the world. What I love is when my clients can see results from what we build for them.

Are you looking for some kind of results in your business? We'd love to explore with you on what you need, why you need it and whether we can help you with your journey.


Here’s My First Sales Pitch To You:

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James Bullis