Recommended Books


The E-Myth Revisited

This book changed my business. I learned how to go from owning a job to running a business. 


Built To Sell

This is an easy to read story about going from a broke agency that does everything to a focused team.


Book Yourself Solid

When you invest in this book you will learn an easy to follow system on getting more clients. 


They Ask You Answer

Content marketing is the best way to get more customers that know, like, and trust you.


Win Without Pitching

This book is about having the right processes and mindset in place to build a successful agency.


Pitch Anything

Eventually, you will have to pitch something and this book will teach you the right mindset.


The Go Giver

This book will teach you the greatest secret weapon in business - provide value first.


Delivering Happiness

Zappos is the market leader when it comes to going above and beyond. Find out how in this book.


Good To Great

This book reports on the research on what separates good companies from great ones.